Many parts and assemblies are too large or heavy to be inspected by traditional measurement equipment. Inspection data is often needed in real time as the parts are being produced. Our company comes to your facility with our Faro portable CMMs and HD laser scanners. We can perform inspections on your floor quickly and efficiently while providing real time, useable inspection data.

We perform our inspections to meet your needs and requirements, whether it is, part verification and documentation, 1st article inspection, ppap inspection, capability studies, fixture adjustments, or whatever the need. We use the latest Polyworks inspection software along with Faro’s latest and most accurate portable CMMs and laser scanners.

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On-Site 3D Inspection & Laser Scanning - Services Page 20

The Faro Scanarm is renowned as the most innovative, multi-axis, portable measurement system. It has the measurement capability and flexibility to take precision measurements where you need them. Designed specifically for use on the production floor, the Faro Arm is constructed with the highest quality aircraft materials, aiding in temperature stability as well as durability. We use the latest and most accurate Faro portable CMMs and laser scanners.

We service a wide range of industries including, automotive, trucking, aerospace, defense, commercial, construction, engineering, inventors, hobbyists, artists, etc… We offer support for all size projects. We can help anywhere from small, one-off projects to long term inspection support. No job too big or too small.

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